The transpersonal investigations on the paleopsychological horizonts


  • Vlail Kaznacheev
  • Alexander Trofimov


distant-image information transmission, “Kozirev mirror”, distant transmission of thoughts, magneto-metric mapping of sacred lots, geomagnetic field, human personal consciousness, information space


It is described the experimental results on the distant-image communications between the operator groups, situated in the ancient sacred places and the religious cult buildings in Khakasia, Bulgaria, Serbia, the Far North (Taimyr), and the operation, situated in Novosibirsk. The distant-image interaction was realized only in the cases when the operator organism has the high magnetic sensibility and he is situated on the magnetic abnormal lot. The investigations, carried out in Serbia, showed that under the certain cosmophysical conditions on the separate geographical lot the hundreds people intellect forms the unit intellectual space, which shows the effect of the mosaic-collective perception of images. This effect was discovered by authors, it shows the perception of the sacred icon fragments, which were perceived and noted in the many participants records and these ones form the collective perceived image.


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