Early Cretan Script Signs as Proto-Alphabet

Aleksandr Bukalov


Based on author’s research of writing signs found at the basement of the palace in Phaestos (Crete), dated to beginning of the early Minoan period I, a conclusion is made that they may represent a script preceding the Minoan hieroglyphic and Linear A by 300–500 years, and may be a kind of a specific script which author called Alpha, whose signs are initial forms for all subsequent Mediterranean scripts. Moreover, the signs coincide with the signs on an engraved stamp seal from Anau (about 2300 BC, Turkmenistan). A hypothesis is substantiated that the development of this sacral script according to certain religious-mystical tradition could result in separation of consonant signs and creation of a sacred alphabetic script, both consonant and all subsequent.


proto-alphabet; Cretan script; Knossos; Phaestos; Linear A; Linear B; sacral script; alphabetic script; hieroglyphic script



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