Regularities of professional and personal formation and personality development

Vladimir Taldykin


The nature of internal informational-psychological direction of human personality is considered. A hypothesis of structural organization and main principles of working of the functional informational level of consciousness responsible for formation of human personality is presented. The hypothesis has been formulated due to consequent application of the detailed method of structural and functional analysis and synthesis, which allows studying and modeling complicated multileveled systems, to include the human. Crucial influence of correct choice of future occupation made by young people on the process of their development as specialists is demonstrated. The article has been written in order to contribute to theoretical fundamentals currently available in the psychology, which determine regularities of human occupational and personal formation and development along the whole life.


internal informational-psychological direction of human personality; informational channel carrying capacity; attention beam; background energetic level of involuntary attention; informational selective capability; informational buffer of short-term memor


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