The Georgian tribes in Ancient Mesopotamia


  • Yuri Mosenkis


Sumerian language, Kartvelian languages, Georgian language, Kassits, Caucasian tribes


The analysis of general Kartvelian and Sumerian vocabulary specifies on the linguistic-cultural being of proto-kartvelian in Mesopotamia during Sumerian period (IV–III of millennium B.C.). Probably tribes with a proto-kartvelian language participated in the process of addition of Sumerians and their language. It is shown that language of Kassits, the transmitters of which six centuries governed Mesopotamia, it is possible to consider as one of Kartvelian languages (proto-kartvelian dialects).

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Mosenkis, Y. (2007). The Georgian tribes in Ancient Mesopotamia. Origin of Language and Culture: Ancient History of Mankind, 1(5), 5–16. Retrieved from




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