On the Problem of New Dating of the Trojan War


  • Aleksandr Bukalov


Trojan War, Greece, Dorians, Heraklides, People of the Sea, Paros Chronicle, chronology, genealogy


Mistakes of traditional dating of the Trojan War (1250–1184 B.C.) and subsequent invasion of Dorians into Peloponnesus are demonstrated. Calculation by nine continuous genealogies of Greek kings with regard to natural and reliable biological terms of change of generations allows to date the end of the Trojan War 988±20 B.C. This agrees with the chronological gap (245 years) found by the author in the Paros Chronicle, which gives somewhat different, but close in time date of the end of the Trojan War: 964±15 B.C. The obtained result shifts the Mycenaean Greek and Mediterranean chronology due to shrinkage of the Dark Age by 200–245 years.

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Bukalov, A. (2007). On the Problem of New Dating of the Trojan War. Origin of Language and Culture: Ancient History of Mankind, 1(1), 54–59. Retrieved from https://publishing.socionic.info/language/article/view/158




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