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The linguistic department of the International Institute of Socionics (IIS) with the support of the Institute of the Ukrainian-Caucasian Investigation starts to publish new international scientific journal "Origin of language and culture: ancient history of mankind".

Necessity of such edition for a long time has ripened, as specialized editions on this theme are absent. It is paradoxical, but the question on the origin of the subject of linguistics study — the language — has appeared on periphery of its attention. And this contrasts with achievement of modern molecular biology firmly installing related links between the peoples in the world. Some distinguished linguists develop problems of an origin and evolution of most ancient languages. However, these investigations, as a rule, are separate and substantially isolated, and, therefore, could not essentially influence the opinion of world scientific community on these problems.

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Vol. 5 No. 1 (2018)
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The significant place in our journal would be occupied with problems of ancient linguistic situation, most ancient language states, theory of monogenesis and polygenesis, existence of great-languages, their evolution and formation of known language families — Nostratic, Amerind, Sino-Caucasian etc. Synchronously same problems would be considered in a context of origin and evolution of human culture, of its spiritual, psychological and material aspects reflecting in the language, most ancient mythology, religious rites, petroglyphs, sacral buildings and calendars. The articles devoted to ancient languages of Neolithic epoch and bronze century, origin of the cultural terms etc. would be also published in the same context. It is supposed to pay also attention to the "exotic" languages which are not finding still a final place in genetic classification of languages of the world (Pictish, Basque, Etruscan, Sumerian, Ainu etc.).

We invite all engaged colleagues to send articles for the publication in the new journal. The languages of the publications are English and Russian.

The detailed information you can receive on e-mail: boukalov@gmail.com, trypillia@narod.ru and also in our Internet sites: socionic.infowww.trypillia.narod.ru