On the distribution of the toponyms “Arya”, “Arya”, “Aria”, “Arja”, hydronyms “Danu”, “Dan”, “Don” and others in Eurasia and Africa in the context of migrations of Indo-Iranian peoples. Part 1

Aleksandr Bukalov, Olga Karpenko


Maps of the distribution of toponyms associated with the self-designation of Indo-Iranian peoples (“Arya”, “Arya”, “Aria”, “Arja”, “Arjan”, and others), as well as hydronyms associated with the Indo-Iranian name of water (“Danu”, “Dan”, “Don”) are given and analyzed. The obtained toponymic trajectories correspond well to the well-known historical migrations of Indo-Aryan peoples to Siberia, Asia, and to the spread of the haplogroup Z93. However, a number of toponymic trajectories follow from the Middle East region in North Africa and into the African continent, despite the fact that the presence of the haplogroup Z93 is currently traced in Africa only from the Horn of Africa to South Sudan. The result indicates the need for a further search for the haplogroup Z93 in Africa west of South Sudan and the study of possible migrations of certain groups of Indo-Aryans or their descendants into the African continent.


Indo-Europeans; Aryans; Indo-Iranians; migration; toponymy; hydronyms; haplogroup Z93; Middle East; Asia; Africa


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