List of toponyms "maydan" ("maidan", "majdan", "maidan"), distributed in Eurasia and Africa

Aleksandr Bukalov, Olga Karpenko


The list of 841 toponyms “maydan” (“maidan”, “majdan”, “maidan”), distributed in Eurasia and Africa, with geographical coordinates and indication of the country of origin is given. This list has become the basis for the analysis carried out by the authors in the article “The term and toponym “Maydan” in the light of the Indo-European peoples migrations”


топоним; ороним; гидроним; майдан


Букалов А.В., Карпенко О.Б. Термин и топоним «Майдан» в свете миграций индоевропейских народов // Происхождение языка и культуры: древняя история человечества. — 2017. — № 1. — С. 27–44.


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