The journals of the International Institute of Socionics are signed by the libraries of more than 200 universities in different countries.

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  • Socionics, mentology and personality psychology

    If you want to obtain newest knowledge about human and psychology of his behavior, you can subscribe the journal 'Socionics, mentology and personality psychology'. It contains articles on a wide range of problems to include:

    • human psychological additivity and compatibility,
    • personality typology and psychology,
    • relations between people, forecasting and developing them,
    • family problems,
    • age development, education and training of children,
    • nature of erotic feelings,
    • choosing your partner(s),
    • historical and social and political questions,
    • description of socionics practical application,
    • educational materials on socionics.



  • Management and Personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology

    The journal is dedicated to new management technologies – including personnel management – facilitating scientific forecast of behavior and working habits of an individual, team or society as a whole, allowing to determine persons’ compatibility in business – and thus to organize teams of like-minded associates based on natural psychological, informational, ideological, and business compatibility.

    Target Audience: managers, business owners, psychologists, HR personnel, sociologist, social workers, teachers and students – everyone who’s involved – or will be involved – in PR and/or HR.


  • Psychology and Socionics of interpersonal relationships

    Journal’s readership would be able to take a profound look into the psychology of a partner / interlocutor, comprehend the mysteries of interpersonal attitudes, human psychology and individuality. The publication features the best classic and contemporary papers on psychology, socionics and allied sciences.

    Target audience: everyone interested in psychology, self-actualization, self-development, problems of interpersonal attitudes and relations, nurture and education; psychologists, sociologists, teachers/educators, social workers, HR and PR specialists, tutors and students of higher educational establishments (colleges, universities, etc.)


  • Origin of language and culture: ancient history of mankind

    The linguistic department of the International Institute of Socionics (IIS) with the support of the Institute of the Ukrainian-Caucasian Investigation starts to publish new international scientific journal "Origin of language and culture: ancient history of mankind".

    Necessity of such edition for a long time has ripened, as specialized editions on this theme are absent. It is paradoxical, but the question on the origin of the subject of linguistics study — the language — has appeared on periphery of its attention. And this contrasts with achievement of modern molecular biology firmly installing related links between the peoples in the world. Some distinguished linguists develop problems of an origin and evolution of most ancient languages. However, these investigations, as a rule, are separate and substantially isolated, and, therefore, could not essentially influence the opinion of world scientific community on these problems.

  • Pedagogics, psychology and socionics of education

    The journal is devoted to new methods of pedagogy, allows students to achive the effective learning, improve their academic performance and discipline. There are considered the questions of psychology and acmeology, problems of relationships in the family and in the study group, as well as career guidance. The new methods of effective personal development, including considering of socionic type, are described.