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Bio Statement There seems to be a perception that online gaming always has a negative impact on children's physical and cognitive development. However, from the scientific research and practical development of young children, we point out that free online games are also meaningful in the basic benefits of game-based learning.
1. Increase children's memory capacity

Remember important sequences or keep track of the game
The game often revolves around the use of memorization. This not only involves games that children have to remember all aspects to solve games, remember important sequences or keep track of storytelling elements.
2. Fluency in computers and simulations
We are in the 21st century, and computers in particular and technology, in general, are dominating the world. Therefore, mastering computers is very important. Playing on internet games allows children to get acquainted with how computers work and therefore become second strength of them. There are websites, such as Manti Games, that give young children interesting games as well as teach them to use the mouse and keyboard properly, not to mention the browser, username and password. 
3. Quick strategic thinking & problem-solving

Think faster and make more accurate decisions
You've probably heard about strategy games or action games that require lots of skills and clever gameplay. These games are very popular and easy to find on the Internet at different levels, requiring children to think faster and make more accurate decisions. This is great to play online games because they will help children develop logical thinking.
4. Develop hand-eye coordination
Hand-eye coordination is one of the outstanding benefits that most of us can easily recognize without any complicated research. Games that require children to use gamepads or keyboards and mouse to control characters, or perform tasks in games can help develop hand and eye coordination. This not only helps children have a better understanding of the use of computers but also increases the ability to work together flexibly. When they look at the computer screen and press the keyboard or drag and drop the mouse to collect items simultaneously, they can gradually become familiar and adapt to many tasks at the same time. Therefore, hand-eye coordination works better in other jobs in life.
5. Particularly beneficial for children with attention disorders
A lot of children have trouble concentrating on learning or doing something. Many of them suffer from attention disorders. According to a University of Nottingham professor, online games can really help children with attention-focused disorders. For example, colorful puzzle games will keep children's minds longer as they try to arrange puzzle pieces. In addition, there are many other studies that have mentioned related issues. 
6. Skills’ improvement

It is very useful to train thinking and management skills. 
The design and concept of online games related to certain aspects help children with specific skills. For example, When experiencing mysterious and adventurous games that contain maps that children will have to read and remember by themselves. This obviously enables their map reading skills, their ability to memorize and practice to improve significantly. Moreover, there are various games like football games,  management games, introducing children to financial management and general project management, it is very useful to train thinking and management skills.
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Of course, children should not spend the whole day staring at the computer screen. However, online education and gaming is definitely a great combination. In fact, playing online games can be something that can enhance children's learning and development very positively.
As you can see, there are many reasons as to why online games can benefit children. Therefore, education and gaming are definitely like the best friends that bring many results beyond our expectations.