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Which led bulb is best?

by Dorie Earnest (2019-08-03)

Which led bulb is best?
I will strongly recommend Philips B22 Base 7-Watt LED Bulb (Cool Day Light). I have purchased this product from Amazon.

** Performance & Usage **
● The bulbs came in a well protected packing carton
● The size of the bulb is almost same as the standard Incandescent lamps and slightly bigger than CFLs; however this fits in almost all fixtures made for CFL
● The colour matches that of standard fluroscent tubelights and the light intensity is approximately equivalent to 12 watt CFL
● The bulb cannot be used in dimmable light fixtures
● The bulb lights up one or two seconds after the switch is turned on. This delay is due to the electronics involved
● This bulb has enough luminosity to light up a normal sized bedroom
● This has got a Lumens Output of 89.3 which means this bulb consumes less electricity. However, there are better bulbs available with Lumens Output close to 100
● The bulb needs ventilation to dissipate the heat generated from electronics; so using this in enclosed light fixtures is not advised
● The bulb has got 2 years warranty from the date of purchase. To claim warranty, you would need the invoice from Amazon
● I paid Rs.268 in Jan-17 which is Rs.134 per bulb and I rate FIVE stars. I will update this review after a few month's usage on the durability and performance
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** LED Bulb Buying Guide **
● Eventhough there are many parameters that you can look for like Lumens Output, Power Factor, Colour Rendering Index, Colour Temperature, LED Life, etc. while choosing the right LED bulb, if you look at the below three parameters it will do good in making a better choice

● Lumens
- The more the lumens, more the brightness. To get a rough idea on brightness, I have listed the equivalent CFL and Incandescent bulbs that can produce a listed Lumen
- 450 lm: 8-12 watt CFL; 40 watt Incandescent
- 800 lm: 13-18 watt CFL; 60 watt Incandescent
- 1200 lm: 18-22 watt CFL; 80 watt Incandescent
- 1700 lm: 23-30 watt CFL; 100 watt Incandescent
This will help you decide on the Lumen that you need for your bulb
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● Colour Temperature
- Cool Light: Higher Colour Temperatures (above 3600K) are considered cool. Cool light is good for office spaces, shopping centers, ertc. since it can generate higher contrast. Eventhough most of the cool bulbs now available are more than 5500K, the most comfrtable for our eyes is between 3600-5000K
- Warm Light: Lower Kelvin temperatures (2600 - 3100K) are considered warm. These are slightly yellowish and warm light suits homes since it is more flattering to skin tones and clothing

● Lumens Output
- This indicates how efficient a bulb is. This can be calculated by dividing the rated Lumens by the Wattage. For eg. this Wipro bulb has 625 lumens and 9 watt; so Lumens Output is 625/7 = 89.3
- Bulbs with Lumens Output less than 75 is average, 75-90 is good and 90-100 is the best
- There are many bulbs currently available with Lumens Output of 100
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** Summary **
● If you need more brightness, pick a bulb with more Lumens
● Select Warm Light for living rooms, bedrooms, etc. and Cool Light for kitchen, outdoors, etc.
● A bulb with more Lumen Output will consume less electricity than other bulbs
● So, after shortlisting different brands of bulbs with your required Lumens and colour temperature, buy the bulb with more Lumen Output and comparatively less price
● Lumens, Colour Temperature and Wattage will be printed on the packing carton of LED bulbs
To make the right choice, consider important factors that affect making of LED bulbs. So many factors help to differentiate the value of LED bulbs from each other. Just checkout carefully and pick the best LED bulb for your home, office, or other purpose according to these factors.

Quality of the LED chip: The performance of the LED light bulb is mainly based on LED chip, so next important thing need to be considered here is type of LED chip used. High quality chips last longer and depreciate less over time, both for light output as well as light quality; however you have to pay more for that quality. So beware of LED bulbs made using chinese LED chips.

Lumens: The next step would be to calculate its lumens per rupee – How many lumens does it produce and how much does it cost? For ex. an LED bulb is 800 lumens and costs Rs. 750 (800/750) = 1.06lms/rs. The higher this ratio is, more light the bulb emits.

Lifespan of Bulb: Another important thing is lifespan in hours. Charlston’s LED bulb GlowUP lasts 50,000hrs. So if you consider daily use of 8 hrs, bulb may last 17 years, and for daily use of 12 hours, bulb may last 11 years. The life of bulb also depends on the heat sink used to draw heat away from the chip and LED driver. In addition to good heat sink, GlowUP is dimmable, which extends its life to last longer.
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Color Temperature: Modern bulbs are available in different color temperatures – in a unit called Kelvin (K). A warm yellow light offer lower color temperature with a lower Kelvin value, giving a comfortable atmosphere. While cool blue light offer higher color temperature with a higher Kelvin value, which is more energizing.
The designer LED lighting industry in India is experiencing robust growth. This is mainly due to the fact that LED lights consume less power and are highly environment-friendly. Also, buyers can easily find LED lights at low prices. Apart from that, LED lights are not harmful to skin, they cause less strain on the eyes and do not cause cancer and emit UV rays. Further, innovative product offering in the segment is also driving LED lighting sales in India. In fact, the LED lighting market in India is projected to register a CAGR of over 30 per cent, during 2016-2021.

Thus, high energy saving, low costs, modular designs and ease of use have made LEDs lights first choice in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Today, you can find:

LED lights for home
LED lights for hotels
LED light for factories
LED light panels
LED streetlights
These are just few domains where LED lights are being used and the list is endless. Particularly, designer LED lights for indoor and outdoor spaces is gaining huge popularity.

With an aim to provide the finest LED lights in India, D41 World Trading LLP, a partnership firm that came into existence in February 2016, has become the India, Nepal and Bhutan stockists of LEDs-C4 lighting. Known for making great range of stylish vintage and modern lighting since past 40 years, the Spanish LED light manufacturer giant LEDS-C4 has made D41 World Trading LLP its exclusive lighting partner to carry the march forward in the three nations.

D41 World Trading LLP brings to fore remarkable products in various material, size and colours to satiate the needs of all segments of the customers spanning from budget to premium buyers. Since, most of the products in the furniture and LED Lights segment are imported directly, customers can find the prices to be very affordable. So, whatever be your budget, style need and specification, you can get all what you want at D41 World Trading LLP. Aiming to reach new heights, D41 World Trading LLP has defined its mantra as great service, great products at great prices.

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Key features of LEDS-C4 lights

1. Price: Products are priced very competitively and hence, all types of customers can find products suiting their budget size.

2. Quality: The products are highly reliable on quality front. For LEDS-C4, quality comes first and functionality is allowed to dictate form.

3. Functionality: The products are simple and efficient, yet manage to exhibit a grace and beauty created by strict observance of function-driven design.

4. Transparency: Every light is backed by full technical data sheet, installation kit, Photometry kit and specifies major critical component brands too.

5. Warranty: Each product carries a warranty of 2 years which could be extended up to 5 years as well.

6. Legalities involved: No regulatory framework required as the product would be delivered ex-Mumbai or ex- Kolkata warehouse.

Further, all the products are integrated with Dialux system so as to help the MEP consultants/architects to calculate the type and quantity of product/lights required for the area.

So, if you are looking to ornate your space with excellent LED lights, then LEDS-C4 lighting solutions offered by Exquisite Deal in India can be your best bet. For more details, you can visit the website or visit our social media channel D41 World Trading LLP