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Dat Gia company launched Lagoona Binh Chau luxury resort real estate product line

by Heidi Proud (2019-08-02)

cách 0469c <strong>t<\/strong>r67 s63 và 05 ngh06a t63 04i63nOn 12/7 last, at Grand Palace Hotel Tan Binh took place "The signing ceremony of cooperation and the deployment of the Lagoona Binh Chau project ".At the function, Dat Gia Consultancy and Business Co., Ltd. officially launched Lagoona Binh Chau luxury resort real-estate product line at Ho Tram, Binh Chau (Ba Ria - Vung Tau).

At the big event, Dat Gia signed an ideal cooperation agreement having its partners: the lender financed the project including: BIDV, Nam A, Vietcombank; construction units: Ricons (Member of Coteccons Group), Saigon Construction Investment Joint Stock Company; The exclusive distribution unit is Thu Thiem Real.

Attending the function were significantly more than 500 business professionals, the project attracted the eye of investors and media agencies to report.

Representative of Investor, Mr. Lam Quy - Vice Chairman of the Members'Council shared: "With long-term capacity and experience in the field of real estate construction investment, Dat Gia Company will surely bring to customers trust, trust by the hard work, meticulousness in every product that we deliver to customers.

Especially, in Lagoona Binh Chau, after many years of incubation to generate a product, it's certain that when the merchandise reaches the client, it's no longer only house nonetheless it is really a mental child containing very much. much enthusiasm that Dat Gia investor really wants to give his customers.

And this is an incredibly appropriate time when the resort real-estate market in Ho Tram - Binh Chau is getting hotter, the looks of Lagoona Binh Chau project with the completion of infrastructure and refinement in each architectural line will really contribute to this land with many new high-class resorts. "

The resort complex Lagoona Binh Chau Integrated Resort features a total scale of 27.50 hectares invested by Dat Gia Consulting and Business Company Limited.

The project is situated on the front of Ho Tram - Binh Chau and Xuyen Moc coastal roads - the trail is known as "the capital of the southern resort" with the landscape of forest sea, lagoon and sand dunes adjacent.

Just over 2 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City, the transport infrastructure is synchronously developed and a mix of entertainment and entertainment facilities, Lagoona Binh Chau promises to create a great living space and resort for traveler.

The project includes two zones: A Premier Village (10.1 ha) and Zone B Luxury Villas & Resort (17.4 ha). In phase 1, the investor Dat Gia sold limited 135 apartments villa, shop villa in the Premier Village - is the only real estate product in Binh Chau to grant permanent land ownership. Fully legal, the infrastructure is completed and ready to hand over the house to the first phase in quarter 4/2019.

Premier Village includes products Villas Villas and Shop Villas designed from 2 to 3 floors, area from 184m2 - 254m2 in the style of modern architecture, the apartments have a view to expand the natural wind and sunlight from the sea..

Each Villas apartment has a unique swimming pool, sun deck, landscaped garden to create an airy green space that blends with nature. Being introduced to the market with the price from 8.6 billion VND / house, dự án Lagoona Bình châu Binh Chau will truly be the right choice, safe investment channel that investors aim to.

Besides, Premier Village also owns many high-end internal facilities such as Cafe Bar Gallery, Central Park, Pool Bar, restaurant, children's play area, square music fountain ...

Luxury Villas & Resort with a scale of 17.4ha includes Beach Villas, River Villas, Condotel & Hotel, Pop-up Beach Resort, a 5-star resort (family villa) , bungalow, backup house, swimming pool, pool bar, kayaking service, outdoor event area, beach play area, dome area ...) are synchronized planning to provide owners with space Private care, fully equipped, unique experience.

Dat Gia Real Estate Consulting and Trading Company Limited is the official investor of Lagoona Binh Chau Integrated Resort project. Throughout its history of development and development, Dat Gia is making every effort to assert its position in addition to credit and product quality in the true estate market.

The outstanding projects of Dat Gia development include: Dat Gia Residence, Dat Gia Apartment, Vo Dinh Apartment, Dat Gia Garden ...

Through the big event of the state launch of "Lagoona Binh Chau: Nature masterpiece - Resort paradise", in cooperation with the exclusive distributor Thu Thiem Real, investor Dat Gia wants to create Lagoona Binh Chau is dependant on preserving the natural values ​​available to turn into a Green Resort, bringing the values ​​that modern residents aspire to: Green living, harmony with nature in the hot seas zone.