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Wearing the pocket watches in a jacket

by Lawanna Vitale (2019-08-02)

Most of the antique pocket watches had fasteners that were designed to be put through buttonholes. This is the way they were worn in a waistcoat or even a jacket. These were available as open-faced watches, or hunter-cased that usually had a hinged front cover in order to protect the crystal face of the watch. Traditionally, the stem or the pendant of these pocket watches is set at its twelve o'clock position. The other type is the hunter's watch that has its stem placed at the 3 o'clock position. the modern manufacturers of these pocket watches are not bound by any tradition and hence employ the mechanism that is intended for modern wristwatches nowadays. This was not the trend in the old, classic silver pocket watches.

In fact, in the last half of the 19th century, the silver pocket watches were a requirement for all railroad workers in order to prevent any kind of train accidents. There were stringent standards adapted for silver pocket watches with regard to railroading.

In modern times, these pocket watches have grown to be collectors' items. This is why these watches have also considerably increased in value. Even though the railroads pocket watches have plain faces, they are particularly appealing due to the high quality of their craftsmanship.

The pocket watch has survived the painful beginnings of the railroad system and is being still worn nowadays in this age of commercialism. It is beautiful as well as timeless. Any watch collector tend to get mesmerized by the beauty of this antique pocket watch.

The antique pocket watches astound many collectors because of their historical origin. Today people are still interested in them. In the early times, these were worn on the waist. Along with these, other valuable items such as money were also placed. Earlier the first shape of a pocket watch was not attractive as it resembled a drum. Besides, it carried inaccurate time and was basically thick and wide. In fact, the pocket watches were earlier used as pendants.  It was only in the early 17th century that these pocket watches were becoming popular and many new designs were created. During that time, 채팅사이트 these watches were made slimmer and more fashionable. At this time, the spring watches were developed. Even though the pocket watches have greatly improved but the antique ones still continue their popularity and hence these are still sought by many.