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دانلود قسمت نهم سریال احضار

by Renate Gwinn (2019-08-01)

image.php?image=b10scripts052.jpg&dl=1Ramin Abbasi Zadeh, a producer of television series "He was an angel", "Pereydokht" and "Young Police", has been "summoned" by the director and tried to bring the main roles of these characters into novelties that can be combined with The name of the new generation of Iranian actors. The summons that comes along with the daunting background of romance. In his first directing experience, دانلود قسمت نهم سریال احضار he smashed the series on the basis of a self-portraying script. Seven Years After Giosu's death, Amir (ex-husband's husband) has made a romantic life with Gioso's most intimate friend (Prova) in the face of an outright disposition. But strange things in scary situations, all of which indicate the presence of gizo, will change everything ...