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The Emergence of Internet

by Darwin Buckner (2019-07-30)

1 month agoThe advent of internet can be marked, when it was created nearly 25 years ago as a project of the US Department of Defense. Internet technology has changed the way in which business is being done today. It has turned the world into huge virtual market where the prospective customer can order and 온라인바카라주소 buy things of his choice sitting right in front of the computer terminal. This technology helps users to transact online.

Hence from its workplace terminal itself user has access to the whole world. On the contrary for all its technological wonder, the Internet has suffered for years from a reputation of being difficult to learn, hard to use and downright homely compared to the interfaces of bulletin board systems, online services and most of the software, people use on personal computer. Henceforth emerged the World Wide Web.

And the World Wide Web has changed all this. The web has quickly become the Graphical User Interface to the internet and it stands unrivaled by any online service in terms of aesthetics and flexibility. Therefore, after this I feel free to say that the Dotcom world is upon us. Thus the demand of the day is to develop Web Compatible Applications in form of Websites. Discussion of the World Wide Web now is everywhere. Nearly every major magazine and newspaper has featured articles about the Web. Today everyone from the local florist to the TV news networks is proudly displaying a Web address.