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Can you download whatsapp on bada 1.2

by Archer Salyer (2019-07-29)

image.php?image=b17eva157.jpg&dl=1Whatsapp is a mobile messenger that replaces SMS. Whatsapp is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone. Samsung Bada 1.2 users can also download and use the application.

Will whatsapp work on bada 2.0?
Unfortunately, Whatsapp is only made for Algeria apps and sofwares whatsapp group links iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia smartphones. If you really want to use this app, either upgrade from Samsung Bada to Samsung Android or go grab an iPhone, BB or Nokia smartphone.

Do LG Gu230 download whatsapp?
LG Gu230 download whatsapp?

How do you download whatsapp on iPod touch?
How to download whatsapp on iPod touch

How do you download whatsapp on Nokia Lumia 610?
To download WhatsApp on Nokia Lumia 610 you have to got to the address bar and type the WhatsApp address. Once it opens you can then download the app.

Can i download whatsapp on my samsung omnia i900?
No, one can not download whatsapp on a Samsung Omnia i900. The software on the Samsung Omnia i900 will not support whatsapp. There are other devices with software that will support whatsapp.

How can you download whatsapp on Motorola blur mb300?
whatsapp for mb300

How do you download whatsapp messenger?
firstly go google play store and search whatsapp messenger than click to download option and download it

How can you download whatsapp in Samsung gt-s5222?
You can download whatsapp in samsung gt-s5222 in the google playstore.

When did Sunday Bada die?
Sunday Bada died on 2011-12-12.

Can nokia n8 can use whatsapp?
Yes you can download whatsapp from ovi store.

How do you download whatsapp for Samsung corby?
There are websites that allow to download the application whatsapp. Connect to the Internet through Samsung Corby and download the application from the website Samsung Downloads.

How do you download whatsapp on iPod without jailbreak?
i dont think we can download whatsapp on an ipod without getting it jailbroken and jailbreak sucks so yea its obvious that the people who have an ipod cannot get whatsapp :( and if u do get to know how to download it email me on :)

Can you download whatsapp on nokia 7230 and if yes how?
You can download Whatsapp on N7230, but it will not support, because N7230 has S40 application, i.e it can support only JAR application, while Whatsapp is applicable for S60 and Algeria apps and sofwares whatsapp group links above.

How can you download Whatsapp in spice M6700?
it will work .download from sit

Did Nokia Asha 200 support whatsapp messenger?
download s40 version and dwnload whatsapp and install

How do you get whatsapp on blackberry?
from the appworld. if you cannot access the appworld the visit the whatsapp website and download the link for blackberry.

Can i use whatsapp on hp slate6tablet?
Yes you can download and use whatsapp on HP Slate 6 tablet.

Can you download whatsapp a Nokia C2 03?
Method 1 : Download Whatsapp for S40 From through your Phone Browser Install it like any other Java Application. Method 2: Go to whatsapp download Click on the link Called "Download for Nokia S40 from our site". Download & Install it on your Nokia C2-02 / C2-03 / C2-05 phone. Source:

How to download WhatsApp for HTC?
Fairly can download WhatsApp from either the Google Play store or Amazon Appstore. Once installed, there is a brief walkthrough and prompts to set it up.

How you can download Whatsapp for Samsung Wave 2 for free?
WhatsApp is a totally free messenger applications and you can surely use it for free. Just download it from official Google Play Store and get used to it.

How do you download whatsapp on samsung corby c3510?
No you cannot.

How do you answer on whatsapp?
With this app you can download Video, Audio, Image without any cost. You have to know about Whatsapp so you can give answers. If you are looking about Whatsapp so check Rebrandone for better information.

How do you download talking tom cat for Samsung wave525 bada?
You download talking tom cat for Samsung wave525 bada by visiting the Samsung manufacturer's website and then searching for the specific model of your phone. Once you've located it, download the talking tom cat.

What are the effects of whatsapp?
You have to need net data pack to use whatsapp and only use in Andoide Mobile, smart phone. Also you can send anything without any charge. There are free whatsapp, find it here About worldwide free download of Whatsapp and free Whatsapp info

How can you install whatsapp on my samsung E250 mobile phone?
One can install whatsapp on one's samsung E250 mobile phone by going to the google app store and searching for the whatsapp, which is free for download.

Can Nokia n900 have whatsapp application?
can nokia n900 download whatsapp good and working properly ? and with out using another softwear to make work!

Why download Algeria food recipes whatsapp group links?
Because it's a most pepolar app to comeuntion with people you can download it from

How do i download whatsapp nokia x3-02 touch n type mobile?
To download the whatsapp on the nokia x3-02 touch n type mobile one must go to the play store or the official apps website and select the download option.

Can you get whatsapp on Samsung wave?
Whatsapp on Samsung wave is able to be downloaded by using the query and downloading said application and waiting for the download to finish downloading.

Is whtsapp supported to blackberry?
yes. get it from the appworld or download it from the whatsapp website.

Do you have to pay if you download WhatsApp?
Nope, it's totally free! :D

What phone has a model mt6515-h003?
how can i download whatsapp on my fone

Does Nokia Asha 203 support whatsapp and if it can where can you download it?
NO it's not a smartphone

Can you download Whats app to your Sony ericsson zylo mobile?
Is it possible to download whatsapp for a sony ericsson zylo

How do you add yourself on whatsapp?
In order to add your on WhatsApp, you just need to download the app onto your phone. You can use the app on the iPhone, Android phone and Windows phones.

How do you download whatsapp in lg gd510?
Sorry not compatible with lg gd510 device

List of nokia phones supporting whatsapp messenger?
Almost all the Nokia cell phones does support the whatsapp messenger provided it's a multimedia handset. You just need to download this app from the whatsapp web site not the Nokia store. From range Nokia 5233 to all the above, whatsapp is downloadable.

How do you download whatsapp in samsung GT s5222 star 3 dous?
Downloading Whatsapp in Samsung GT S5222 Star 3 Dous can be accomplished directly off the internet or by hardwiring to a computer. The computer download will be more expedient to transfer this application.

Which one is better bada or android?
It depends on what you want for your phone. I think that Android is better. Why? Because it offers you the unique opportunity to personalize your phone, to download a lot of applications...Bada also has some advantages: stability, fluidity and most of Bada Phone are cheap.Hope that this answer is helpful, Atyq

How do you install Whatsapp on Samsung Galaxy Y?
Go to Menu > Google Play > Click the search icon at the top right > Search for "Whatsapp". When it give you a list of Apps matching "Whatsapp" click on the one you want, and then click "install" and then tap "download and install".

Can you download What is app in Nokia c3?
Yes you can download Whatsapp to your Nokia C3. Go to the Apps menu, enter extras, press games icon, will show Nokia Mobi (if you have downloaded this search engine - standard for Nokia or it is already installed, if not try any search engine that reflects in this section) go to bottom of the page and find search icon (not the sort icon which shows first), then type in Whatsapp messenger download, press search...

Where can you download whatsapp messenger for htc touch pro 2?
u cant sorry

Can i download Whatsapp messenger to samsung star 3 duos?
nope, absolutele note.

Can you download whatsapp on iPod?

Can you download whatsapp for samsung chat 357?
Whatsapp can be downloaded for Samsung Chat 357. An easier way to achieve this is to hard wire the phone to a computer and transfer through a cable instead of the internet.

How do you put password on whatsapp?
There is a way to put a password on the whatsapp software. The best way to do this is to download a program called Pattern Messenger Lock. It allows people to put a pattern password on their phone.

How do you download whatsapp for a samsung wave 2 s8530?
chutya banave che loddaa ooo..

Can you download whatsapp a Nokia C3?
yes, i did it, but dunno how to disconnect is all, so always online

How can you download Whatsapp in spice M6868n?
hw i cn downlode watsapp in spice m6868 mobile

What song is batista song?
it goes bada bada badabada bada bada badaaaaaaaaa

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