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Driving Your e-Commerce Business Harder

by Madelaine Bryce (2019-07-29)

jasa seoAre you a small business struggling to develop your online presence? Regardless of the specific nature of your online business there are common elements that need regular attention if it is to prosper. Two essential parts to this process are covered in this article: Jasa SEO marketing the online business, then detailing the web site processes and content to achieve the highest possible sales conversion rates. Maximise traffic to your web site How long is it since you last spent time driving traffic to your web site?

Do not be left behind. Traffic does not come to your site automatically, search engines and directories send it. And if you do not optimise your site to convince Search Engines such as Google that you have relevant content, then your site will be largely ignored.Consider taking a combined strategy: Develop a marketing strategy for the next three months The reason marketing activities should be planned well in advance is to give yourself plenty of time to get in the necessary stock, or if you have a service based business, assemble the relevant resources.

For example, if new stock is involved then you will need time to source it and upload the details to your web site. On the other hand if you are launching a new service you may need to add an extra page to your web site outlining its benefits and engage additional staff to perform the service. All these things take time. The good news is that by planning well in advance you will save yourself a lot of stress. Detailed planning This is the 3Ps -- only this time they are Plan, Plan Plan.

Look at your marketing campaigns collectively, and then individually. What do you really want to achieve? Consider planning ahead for the next three campaigns and write a sentence for each one that clearly spells out its main purpose. These are your core propositions. For example, Jasa SEO the first could be to clear stock or promote an older service, the second could be designed to tie in with an event such as Easter, while the third could be used to launch a new service or product range.

Whatever they are I suggest that you keep them simple and only have one core proposition per campaign. Much more than that and you will run the risk of confusing yourself and your customers! Newsletters It is very common for an online marketing campaign to revolve around a newsletter. If this is the case then all aspects of the mail-out needs to be very carefully planned, drafted and tested. Your mailing list Mailing lists must to be maintained.

And I do not use the word "must" lightly. With legislation in place to prosecute those who play fast and loose with their mailing lists this is an area that requires careful attention by all e-Commerce operators. The technical aspects of list maintenance and email campaigns are beyond the scope of this article but if you have any doubts you may be better to consider a hosted solution.