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Online Klaverjassen: Introduction

by Gretchen Hoch (2019-07-28)

Online klaverjassen is a trick-taking card game based on the rules of the classic Dutch game klaverjass. The live version is a few centuries old and has its origins in the Netherlands. To play klaverjassen online you don't need much; a computer and a decent Internet connection will do. However, knowing the core facets of the classic game is recommended. Background and Variations Online klaverjassen is related to some extent with the klaberjass, a card game played in Hungry and Romania.

Also, because it has been around for so long, many variants of it have appeared all over the world. Some remain faithful to the basic rules of the game and only modify the scoring schemes while others have added other elements to it, in many cases greatly enhancing it. The classic version of klaverjass has always fared well in the Netherlands, Pasaran WLA were people used to play it quite often in cafes. The citizens of Amsterdam and Rotterdam have always been particularly fond of it.

Even now the classic game is still popular among Dutch students. The popularity of online klaverjassen is to a great extent due to its accessibility; while it is extremely easy to learn, Pasaran WLA it manages to offer a gameplay that has depth. The Basics of the Game Online klaverjassen is best played in four, against human opponents. Games against computer-controlled opponents are good for getting hold of the basic principles of the game but they cannot substitute the experience of playing against real opponents.

To play klaverjassen online in four 32 cards from the Anglo-American deck are necessary. Hands are usually dealt 4-4 and the play begins clockwise. The usual ranking of the cards when playing klaverjassen online is as follows: Pasaran WLA Ace ’ 10 ’ King ’ Queen ’ Jack ’ 9 ’ 8 ’ 7 (for plain suit) Jack ’ 9 ’ Ace ’ 10 ’ King ’ Queen ’ 8 ’ 7 (for trump suit) The scoring schemes usually vary quite a lot from variant to variant. You can play klaverjassen online either for fun or for real money.

Certain websites host card games tournaments that bring together hundreds of players who compete for interesting prizes. Tournaments usually require a small entry fee. If you like klaverjass then you can also check Belote and Jass, two closely related games. Even though few have heard about them they are quite fun and definitely worth trying, preferably in their classic form.