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If a man with no limbs can become a worldwide inspiration for those with two arms and two legs, surely you and I can ride the coattails of a man like Mack Michaels who created the Maverick Money Makers Club. Make you literally look like you are being cut

by Miguel Sommers (2019-07-27)

If a man with no limbs can become a worldwide inspiration for those with two arms and two legs, surely you and I can ride the coattails of a man like Mack Michaels who created the Maverick Money Makers Club. Make you literally look like you are being cut in two. It looks like this year is an irruption year. When I do catch sight of them in the mirror - hanging from my chest like sad, deflated balloons - I can’t help feeling that the party’s well and truly over. She stands with her back to her audience, her head cast to her right looking over her shoulder. Like me, they also find exercise difficult - even low-impact activities such as swimming (my breasts are essentially giant flotation aids) and yoga (I must forgo any poses that involve lying on my front, or side, or bending over). I'm not even sure if I'm an outcast by choice.

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