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Basil Brush

by Jesenia O'Flynn (2019-08-04)

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The sweet grandmotherly kilt-shop owner (in addition to the manager of the hostel I'm staying at) here in Inverness, Scotland, gently corrected me: Plaid" is never and nowhere a pattern, she said, and insisted it's only a length of cloth—contrary to what most dictionaries say, including the second, third and fourth American Merriam Webster entries for the term: a fabric with stripes or bars of various colors and widths that cross at right angles… any pattern of this kind…(adjective) having a pattern of plaid".

The common people would have worn more earthy, simple colors, perhaps with some brighter stripes, rather than a tartan with a lot of red in it. Whereas, in most chiefs' portraits in the 18th century, they're painted wearing a lot of red, because they're making that social statement.

The selection at the brewery varies, but several favorites (Kilt Lifter and 8th Street Ale) are available on tap, in bottles , in cans at local bars, and restaurants throughout the Southwestern United States The brewery usually also has one or more Real ale ready to serve, and depending on the season, cult favorites like Pumpkin Porter may also be available.

I am wearing my Balmoral which has been shaped to my head by soaking it and letting it sit all night, it has also been kicked down the street a bit helping to work it in a we bit, one thing I've learned over my time on X-Marks the older the Balmoral the better.