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by Ola Mooring (2019-08-03)

BinarySearchTree.pngIn 5A, Elgin rallied from a 14 0 first quarter hole to beat Hutto 21 17. The loss is the second in as many weeks for the Hippos, who began the season 6 0. Elgin is undefeated in district 17 5A and tied with Temple for first place. For people who don fit in some of those boxes, identity politics are really fucking important. They realize that Clinton style liberal humanism isn in line with their interests, mindset, and goals, and they want that to be known. They want to organize people of similarly alternate interests, mindsets, goals, and make visible the invisible and pervasive liberal humanism which permeates mainstream American culture..

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To accomplish the changing of a negative perception through communication a leader must be very (1) proactive. The saying that "the best defense is a strong offense" is very appropriate here. When communicating with employees administrators must remember to (2) listen to what is being said, (3) be timely in responses, and, (4) provide accurate information..

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In 5A, Elgin rallied from a 14 0 first quarter hole to beat Hutto 21 17. The loss is the second in as many weeks for the Hippos, who began the season 6 0. Elgin is undefeated in