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What are ways police search for drugs in a house

by Porter Dulhunty (2019-08-02)

they search your house for drugs. but the do not search you house as they searh you next door neighbors house as he is in your house when his house is next to her house which is the house down the road next to asda. a police officer stop you while your are walking on the sidewalk and search you and if they find anything can they charge you without probable cause?
Under no circumstances can a police officer stop you or search you without probable cause. Probable cause is one of the ways that an ordinary citizen's right to privacy is protected from unlawful search and seizure.

How did stalin use the secret police during his time of rule?
Stalin used the secret police in many ways. Stalin used the secret police to search for spies. Stalin also used the secret police to kill anyone he felt had betrayed him.

What are the ways to say no to drugs?
There are many ways to say no to drugs, because there are many situations in which they could be offered to someone. The textbook way of doing it is to just flatly refuse it, but this doesn't always work. I think the best thing anyone should do is talk to FRANK. (just search FRANK on the internet)

How are other people effected on the use of drugs?
People who don't use drugs can be affected by drug users in many ways. Having a family member who does drugs may be stressful and create friction. Drug use costs a society money because of unemployment, health, and police costs.

What two ways could the police could search your home and still be following procedures?
If they had a warrant, or if they have personal knowledge (see or hear) of something illegal inside. Smell counts too but is more difficult to pin down, you should always answer them outside and shut the door behind you. Also, if they do search your house without a warrant and can't find anything illegal, that is considered an illegal search and you can press charges if you feel it necessary.

Why do people use psychoactive drugs and search for altered states of consciousness?
Many people search for these substances in order to escape from the sometimes stressful and harsh ways of reality and living in modern society. Such remedies, however, are usually only temporary.

How do you find mineral rights in Oklahoma from a deceased relative?
There are several ways to search but it certainly helps if you know what county. Go to the court house in the county they lived or owned land in and do a title search.

When can lawful search and seizure be made without warrant?
There are a select few instances where a Police Officer may legally search and seize without the need for a warrant. The first one is called the "Plain Sight rule". This effectively states that when a Police Officer can see an object that is knowingly illegal in plain view, he may legally search and seize the object and place the object was found without the need of a warrant. An example of this would be...

What are five ways that drugs can be taken?
Some ways you can use drugs is injections, pills, inhalents, intravenous and in creams and ointments.

Ways to say no to drugs?
Here are the possible ways we can say no to drugs... Change the topic. Simply say no. Say no and tell about its consequences.

How do drugs affect you emotionally?
in a lot of ways

What are the 5 ways to search for a book?
The fives ways to search for a book are: By author By title By subject By keyword By classification (i.e. by the call number)

Ways to get high WITHOUT drugs?
sniff markers

How to be notified of the police car auction?
There are various ways to be notified of a police car auction. Some of the ways to be notified of a police car auction include online on websites such as GovSales or calling local government agency offices.

How do drugs affect your job?
well if you take drugs it will mess you up in alot of ways and you will not be able to function properly.

Three ways in which humans damage their health?
doing drugs,radiation and not exercising is three main ways.

If known to the police for drugs is it all ways on your record even thou you were not charged?
If you were never arrested there will be no record of it on your criminal history background check at all. If you WERE arrested but the case was dropped or dismissed, the arrest will show up but also the fact that it was dropped/dismissed will also.

Are there a lot of drugs at boarding schools?
There are a lot of drugs everywhere. If the student wants the drugs bad enough they will find ways to get it and are quite ingenious as how to purchase it. There is some people who have drugs, there will not be a large crowd doing it...

What are the forms of drugs?
The forms of drugs include: stimulants depressants hallucinogens If you mean the ways drugs are administered, they include: Oral Subcutaneous Intravenous Intramuscular Dermal Spinal

What kind of drugs cause miscarriages?
nearly all of them. and if they dnt, they damage the babi in utha ways. normally class A drugs

Chairman of this House committee which has power over taxation?
Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee

How does drugs affect the nervous system?
Drugs affect the nervous system in a variety of ways, depending on their classification. Some drugs suppress the activity in the brain while others stimulate it.

How has the helicopter improved your lives?
It has improved our lives because we use helicopters in many different ways. It is used for transportation, construction, search & rescue. Police even use it to monitor traffic lights, and to catch speeders. Also they are used for Army too.

How can drugs affect a developing embryo and fetus?
The drugs can get into the blood stream and affect the embryo or feutus in critical ways. Any drugs for any age are bad enough, so if you are wanting healthy kids dont do drugs.

How do frogs get into a house?
Frogs can get into a house in a few ways. The most common ways they get into the house is door and windows left open and pets or children bringing them in.

4 ways drug can enter body?
swallowing, smoking, snorted, injected are some ways drugs could get in your body

What two ways does the government classify drugs in?
Illegal, Legal, 영상채팅 Illegalylegal

What are the two ways that drugs affect the brain's chemistry?
Agooz agooz!?

How do drugs affects your body?
MANY different ways that depend on the drug.

What are the 4 types of drugs?
There are many different types of drugs but the four routes drugs enter the body are Inhalation, Injection, Absorption, and Ingestion. These four ways can be broken down further as to how they are injected, absorbed etc... but all things essentially enter our blood stream in one of the four ways. ~J

How do you make gang in vice city?
there are many ways you could by the police station and get police for your gang or get either the bearded people or girls. i had the police and my brother had the girls

How does taking drugs affects doing sport?
Drugs effect your body in ways like making it harder to breathe and giving you muscle damage.

What are the impact of taking drugs?
Taking drugs can impact you in a number of ways. It not only affects your family but it also affects you both mentally and physically.

What are the five ways in which drugs can enter your body?
The five ways that a drug can enter the body are -sniffing -injection -smoking -swallowing -needles

What are six free ways to search people with Google?
There are various ways to conduct free web searches. One of the most practical is a reverse phone search. Other ways are using a location with a map search, using news alerts, finding images on the web, looking for names using quotations and social media lookups.

Do you have to be friends with someone on moshi monster to visit their house?
no u do not have to be friends with someone to visit their house, here are a few ways u can visit someones house if ur not friends with them: 1: type the username in the search box which u find in ur friend tree. 2: if ur lucky, u'll find them on the streets. if u do, click on the monster, then click visit house. hope this helps!!

Why do teenagers get involved with drugs?
Many teenagers get involved with drugs because they need a crutch, something to take it all away. However, most are not aware that there are many more ways, and much more healthier ways, that they could vent their anger.

What are the five different ways that drugs are classified?
drugs are classified as anti biotics, anti coagulantes, anti helmentics, anti diuretics, anti hypertensives

How are drugs used?
It depends entirely on the drug. Advil and LSD are used in completely different ways but are both drugs. Basically... either medically or recreationally.

What are two ways that a person who abuses drugs can get in trouble with the law?
If they abuse illegal drugs they can get punished by the law for possession and if they are found in public, for public intoxication.

How do you get rid of fungus on the toenails?
There are many ways to treat toenail fungus, you can try home remedies, Oral drugs, Topical drugs or Laser treatment.

What are the main ways drugs enter the body?
Ingestion, inhalation, injection and absorption.

What are some ways that an individual could misuse drugs that are legal?
take to many

What ways are rx drugs expelled from your system?
Urine, bowel movements and sweating.

Can you snort hydros?
There are a lot of ways to abuse drugs, and snorting Hydrocodone is one of them.

What are 3 ways drugs enter the body?
by mouth-shots-analor tubing

How drugs affect your body?
Drugs can affect your body in number of ways. Drugs most likely affects you brain and brain cells. Drugs can also affect your kidneys, heart, and even your appearance. In the end it is not worth even trying drugs. It depends on what kind of drug but most drugs affect what I just stated above.

Is house of many ways a movie?
House of Many Ways is a young adult fantasy novel written by Diana Wynne Jones

In what three ways is voting in the house conducted?
Three ways that the House conducts voting are by Viva Voce, Division and Recorded vote.

What are ways to search the internet ethically?
Enter keywords and if that doesn't work then use advanced search on google maybe.

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