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دانلود قسمت چهاردهم سریال سال های دور از خانه

by Alyce Nerli (2019-08-02)

40346081763_c952bff638_b.jpgThe spin-off of the Shah-e-Ghosh comedy series, Years Out of Home, directed by Majid Salehi and produced by Mohammad Hossein Qasemi. This comedy series is a spin-off comic book series in which fascinating tales of Dagger and Venus are narrated by two beloved serial characters. Spin-off or by-product in the film and serial industry is said to be a work from another film or series. Spinoff narrates more details of a work (such as themes, focus on characters, stories before and دانلود قسمت چهاردهم سریال سال های دور از خانه after the main story). Years away from home is Iran's first spin-off and focuses on the two dagger and venom characters present in Shahrukh. The series tells the story of their adventures after the end of their military service in the Nation's Sheriff's Office.