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Can the nokia lumia get whatsapp

by Oren Yuan (2019-08-02)

Yes, I guess it can if the WhatsApp owner makes it.

female_holding_an_iphone_x_and_taking_noHow do you download whatsapp on Nokia Lumia 610?
To download WhatsApp on Nokia Lumia 610 you have to got to the address bar and type the WhatsApp address. Once it opens you can then download the app.

Which is the latest Nokia lumia smartphone?
The latest Nokia Lumia smartphone is the Nokia Lumia 630. It has yet to be released.

How are the Nokia Lumia versions in order?
The Nokia Lumia versions in order is: Lumia 800,Lumia 710,Lumia 610,Lumia 900 and Lumia 510.

Latest Nokia Lumia?
The latest Nokia Lumia phone can be seen on the Nokia homepage. This phone is the Lumia 1520 as of January of 2014.

Can you get bbm on a Nokia Lumia 520?
BBM on Nokia Lumia

When was Nokia Lumia created?
Nokia Lumia was created in 2011.

Is the Nokia Lumia 520 good?
yes because you can download skype for free and also you can use microsoft word Andorra arts and design excel,instagram,Andorra whatsapp groups cryptocurrency and it also has a suitable size

Does the Nokia lumia have play store?
No, the Nokia Lumia phone does not have a play store.

Can you get Google play store on Nokia Lumia 520?
You cannot get the Google Play store on a Nokia Lumia 520 phone. The Nokia Lumia 520 is a Windows phone.

What is the newest model of Nokia mobile phone?
The newest phone available from Nokia is the Nokia Lumia 928. That model is available only from Verizon. Other new Nokia phones are the Lumia 920 as well as the Lumia 620.

What is better Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC One X?
Nokia lumia 900 is better

Does a wireless charging plate come with the Nokia Lumia 820?
No the nokia lumia does not come with a charging plate

Which is better between Nokia Lumia 520 or sony xperia e?
nokia lumia 520 is better

What are the features of a Nokia lumia?
Nokia Lumia 520 comes with exclusive digital lenses, a super-sensitive.

How can you get applications on a Nokia Lumia 620?
To get applications on a Nokia Lumia 620 you need to go to the apps section.

Is a Nokia Lumia an android?
No, the Nokia Lumia series of phones are based on the Windows Phone operating system.

Is whatsapp compatible with nokia 7210 supernova?
No. WhatsApp is not compatible with the Nokia 7210 SuperNova.

Is Nokia Lumia 510 an Android phone?
No, the Nokia Lumia 510 is a Windows phone, with a Windows Phone 7.8 OS.

Does whatsapp work for nokia asha 305?
Yes it Whatsapp works on Nokia Asha 305.

Does nokia c2 03 contain whatsapp?
Unfortunately, Nokia C2 03 does not support Whatsapp.

Does the Nokia E71 support whatsapp?
yes E71 and all E series of Nokia support whatsapp. go to Nokia market and you can get it from there.

Which phone is the best Nokia Lumia 800 or n8?
Frans for me new NOkia Lumia 800 is best....................... I like it very much

Is wondows RT Good on a nokia lumia 2520 for homework?
Yes, Windows RT is good for homework on a nokia lumia 2520

Can you use whatsapp in nokia 2700 classic?
Please support whatsapp my phone nokia 2700 classic

Can your Nokia Lumia 520 use Google play?
No. The Nokia Lumia 520 is running the Windows Phone OS. Google Play is designed for devices running the Android OS. As so, the Nokia Lumia 520 cannot use Google Play.

List of nokia phones supporting Andorra whatsapp groups cryptocurrency messenger?
Almost all the Nokia cell phones does support the whatsapp messenger provided it's a multimedia handset. You just need to download this app from the whatsapp web site not the Nokia store. From range Nokia 5233 to all the above, whatsapp is downloadable.

Is the Nokia Lumia 900 better than the iPhone 4s?
The Nokia Lumia 900 is better than the IPhone 4s because it is cheaper and has better apps. It also has a bigger screen so if you like watching videos it works better than the IPhone 4s. I have had both the IPhone 4s and the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Nokia Lumia 900 wins by far.

Is the mincrost offic good on the nokia lumia 2520 tablet?
Yes, Microsoft Office works well on the Nokia lumia 2520 tablet

Can you sync the Nokia Lumia to iTunes?
No iTunes is only for Apple products like iPhone, iPad. Nokia Lumia can be synced through Zune.

Is it possible to put android 4.0 on Nokia Lumia 920?
No, the Nokia Lumia 920 is a Windows Phone device and Andorra arts and design cannot run Android.

Is the Nokia Lumia 625 maximus a good phone for everyone?
I don't think so Nokia Lumia 625 Maximus is the best phone for everyone. I will suggest your Samsung or iPhone phones for everyone. You will get some new features in that as compared to Nokia Lumia 625.

Should I buy the Nokia Lumia 1020 or the iPhone 4S?
Some of the features of the Nokia Lumia 1020 are much better than those of the iPhone 4S, so I believe you should go with the Lumia.

What operating system does the Nokia Lumia 900 use?
The Nokia Lumia 900 is a Windows smartphone that was released in 2012. The Nokia Lumia 900 uses the Windows 7.5 operating system. It also has a bigger screen and longer battery life than the previous models.

Is the Nokia Lumia 610 a windows phone?
Surely Nokia Lumia 610 is windows phone . Nokia Lumia is designed to offer everything you expect from windows phone . It's camera quality is superb and allows to users to capture natural image with high quality.

Is Nokia Lumia 610 an Android phone?
No. The Nokia Lumia 610 does not run the Android OS. The phone currently runs Windows Phone 7.5

Will nokia lumia 2520 still ungrade windows rt although they stopped making them?
Yes, nokia lumia 2520 will still upgrade windows correctly.

How do you connect Nokia Lumia 520 to windows xp PC?
To connect Nokia Lumia 520 to Windows XP PC you need to have Windows Media Player 11.

Does Nokia Lumia 1520 have front face camera and led cam light?
Yes, the Nokia Lumia 1520 have a front face camera and LED cam light.

Does the Nokia Lumia have FaceTime?
No only iPhones

What is the advantage and disadvantage of Nokia Lumia 1020?
Advantage of Nokia Lumia 1020 :- Solid construction Best-in-class smartphone camera Big, clear screen Plenty of internal storage Disadvantage of Nokia Lumia 1020 :- Poor battery life Camera is still no match for standalone devices Expensive

Can Nokia n900 have whatsapp application?
can nokia n900 download whatsapp good and working properly ? and with out using another softwear to make work!

Can nokia n8 can use whatsapp?
Yes you can download whatsapp from ovi store.

What are the best selling Nokia phones?
As of late, one of the best selling Nokia phones has been the Nokia Lumia.

Does Nokia Lumia 510 support Temple Run game?
can lumia 510 support temple run

What kinds of Nokia mobile phones are offered for sale by O2 mobile phone outlets?
O2 is a pay-as-you-go phone service. They offer many different brands of phones, notably Nokia. Nokia phones available from O2 are the Lumia 720 Red, the Lumia 520 Red, The Lumia 620, the Lumia 610, the Lumia 920, the Asha 300, the Asha 302, as well as many more. More phones can be found on the O2 website.

Does Nokia Lumia 1020 have pet rescue saga Candy Crush saga etc?
No, the Nokia Lumia 1020 does not have pet rescue saga nor candy crush saga.

Is Nokia lumia 800 an android?
No the Nokia Lumia 800 is a Smartphone. It has a 8mp Camera, Wifi, 16GB, GPS, Internet, Bluetooth, touchscreen, MP3, Radio. (rrp €439.99).

Is the Nokia Lumia 920 good?
Using several review websites, the average review for the Nokia Lumia 920 is 4/5 stars, meaning overall, the phone is pretty great.

How do you transfer music to a Nokia Lumia from a ps3?
first connect ps3 to pc then transfer music from ps3 to windows pc. then drag and drop the music items to your nokia lumia phone.

Does Nokia x2 support whatsapp?
No it does not

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