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Tips to Manage Your Time While Writing a Research Paper:

by Colby Stiner (2019-08-01)

obat asam urat akut tradisionalhe puts his best foot forward to write a paper and publish it into a renowned Journal. But this can only be achieved with proper time management and most importantly stick to the time plan which has been prepared. The Scholar step by step reaches to the paper publishing phase, which is one of the crucial points where people do get demotivated because of the rejections due to non-acceptance of their paper into a renowned Journal. Generally people are hesitant to ask their doubts to their guides or from their seniors, this can be a great downfall for the scholar because wrong information is never accepted. Listed below are some of the important tips to manage your time while writing a research paper:

Divide Your Task into Small Chunks

When a big task is divided into small chunks, then it becomes easy to solve the problems. Smaller components are easy to understand as well as easy to interpret in the understandable language. Time management is nothing but just to allocate number of certain hours to a particular task and make sure you complete it within that duration. Initially, it will be difficult to complete a task in the allotted time, but practice makes the man perfect.

Follow the APA Format

It is important to follow a particular standard, while writing your research paper, such as APA format. APA is an acronym for the American Psychological Association, where it is already mentioned with a standard format specifying how to write a research paper. Certain rules and regulations are followed such as the border, the text size, a two-column format or a single column format, which text font is highly preferred and many more. Make sure you have ample of time to format your research proposal?because it is a time-taking process. When you are done with your research paper, make sure you mail the paper to your assigned guide, so that even small mistakes or errors can be corrected.

Include Figures and Tables

Make sure you include tables and figures with their particular figure and table number. With assigned figure and table number, each table can be uniquely identified. The final table provided at the time of conclusion should be visible with proper labeling because if labeling or results are missing, then it can lead to the rejection of the paper. It is a time-consuming process, make sure you do have at least 3-4 weeks to prepare the research paper.

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