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10 Advantages of Screen Printing

by Rachelle Merchant (2019-07-31)

One of the most common forms of printing is screen printing. Almost every printer that you go to in Australia will offer this type of printing as pretty much their standard. It is something that most people are aware of and understand and it allows you to make many identical items as well as being fairly cost effective - especially if you are producing items on a larger scale. All this sounds fantastic but what the other advantages of this type of printing? Here are just 10 to get you started!

1. Very few restrictions

Many forms of printing have restrictions when it comes to shape or size which can limit the designs that you wish to create. So long as you have a screen large enough, you will experience very few limitations in terms of size. You will also not be restricted to just the plane but you will also be able to create special spherical shapes using moulding and similar methods.

2. Screens are soft and flexible

As the screens are soft and flexible it will give the opportunity for you to be a little more creative with your designs.

3. Strong coverage of ink

As you gain excellent coverage of ink when you use screen printing you can make even the most basic of designs come to life. For example, a simple image in black ink on a white background can look 3D if the printer has the necessary skills. This is something that is extremely useful and makes garments look that extra bit special.

4. Any ink can be used

Almost any type of ink can be used on a screen print but obviously if it is going to be on a T-shirt or other garment it wants to indelible and water resistant. There are absolutely no restrictions on colour though so you can be as bright and garish as you wish!

5. Resistant to optical performance

Using this technique you can print the same luster (something that remains unaffected by temperature or sunlight). This is something that is very important when it comes to creating stickers as they will not need an additional coating to give this type of protection.

6. One of the most flexible printing methods

This is one of the most flexible printing techniques that there is. This means that it is suitable for various different types of garments along with stickers and other such items. This is one of the things that makes it so appealing.

7. It is cost-effective, convenient and easy to master

Flexibility is great but what everyone really wants to know is how much it costs. It is one of the cheapest ways of mass producing items. Building frames is very easy to master as is the technique that the printers will use. This makes it convenient and suitable for most scenarios.

8. Strong adhesion

The ink has strong adhesive quality means that it will stick to almost any type of material or surface.

9. Hand and machine printing available

It is possible to do screen printing by hand or alternatively using a machine that again opens up more opportunities for its use.

10. Durability

Once screen printing has been completed it will last a long time making it more appealing for companies who perhaps want their employees to wear matching T-shirts without regularly replacing them

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