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Pick the right Dry Erase Paint for your collaboration space

by Marc Spring (2019-07-31)

image.php?image=b8architecture_exteriorsWhiteboards are most often associated with an educational setting or maybe even with boring sales seminars. You rarely associate them with anything else. It's amazing how very few entrepreneurs have a whiteboard in use at their home office. Why would a business person working from home need a whiteboard? That's easy to answer with one single word - organization. A whiteboard paint gives you the unique best way you can have to stay organized in a hectic world.

Now switch things around. If you had a whiteboard in your office, the next idea or appointment you have gets put up there instead. No matter where you sit in your office you can see it. You're constantly reminded of it. You have to do something about it. One thing is sure you most certainly won't forget it.

Of course, if you're going to buy a whiteboard, you'll need to get some accessories like whiteboard markers, a whiteboard duster and also some cleaner for the board itself. The expense involved is considerably less than you might imagine with some large whiteboards on sale from office suppliers for as little as.

Dry-Erase boards operate analogously to chalkboards and are standard fixtures in offices. The markings adhere to the glossy surface temporarily. Air-borne particles are not produced while erasing dry-erase boards. They are more comfortable on the eyes and quieter to write on. Presentations appear professional and vivid.

You all know how it goes. You get a phone call or have a sudden brainstorm of ideas. The idea or note gets scribbled on a piece of paper and left on your desk. It may or may not get actioned by you. Later in the day, you have another idea which also gets scribbled on a scrap of paper and left on top of your other notes on the desk. Tasks, jobs, callbacks, and customers get lost, missed and forgotten.

These boards are sold in the variety of sizes and materials, and some are magnetic enabling users to use them expediently on metal surfaces and refrigerator. Black erase board when placed on the fridge, makes an excellent page to write a grocery list or list of household chores, while near a telephone, users can conveniently jot down phone numbers, without wasting time in searching a piece of paper and pen.

You can easily section off your whiteboard into two columns and a single header row. The header row can contain one or two long-term goals, so you're constantly reminded of where your business is going and why you're working so hard. Column one then holds urgent appointments or tasks. Column 2 contains ideas for new products, service or promotions. The act of actually standing up and writing on the whiteboard stimulates even more ideas so your biggest problem might be running out of space.

Children love to scribble, paint and draw; instead of allowing them to spoil your walls and doors, an investment in black erase board will resolve your problem of painting your walls and doors often. Additionally, being re-usable they can sketch and paint as many times as they like, or play their favorite games and record scores. How about professionals? They use it to discuss and display business plans, plot sales, and growth graphs and even display official memos and critical points of the meeting held earlier in the day. Employees can leave each other message as well so it is wise that you should opt for dry erase board paint.

Dry erase paint offer dual benefits, the ease of displaying information with the assistance of colored markers and the convenience of wiping it off for new data in a dust-free manner. Interestingly it serves a range of groups from children to adults and wide range of purpose from schools to offices including restaurant and hospitals.

There are four commonly used materials for the surface: melamine, hard coat laminate, painted steel or aluminum, and porcelain on steel. Melamine is a resin-infused paper used over a substrate like hardboard, particle board or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Melamine board is the least expensive and lowest quality dry erase surface available and does not accept magnets. Hard coat laminate is another resin like dry erase surface that is often less porous and highly resistant to staining unlike typical melamine dry erase surface. The hard coat laminate boards are also a non-magnetic surface and economically priced.

Another alternative is to use whiteboard paint on blank wall space in your office at home. This fantastic paint converts any flat, dry surface into an instant whiteboard of any size you want. There's certain childish freedom to being able to scribble on walls that many of us "grown-ups" can appreciate. So if you're tired of missing appointments and losing essential notes then invest in a small whiteboard. You'll be amazed at how much easier it makes your working life.

Dry-erase boards are the least expensive, but not scratch or stain proof. The board with painted steel or aluminum lasts longer but is susceptible to scratching and staining. Though prone to scratches, hard coat laminated boards do not absorb permanent marker ink. Porcelain, enamel-on-steel board creates a magnetic surface and is highly resistant to scratch and stains.

Whiteboard wall is a name for a glossy surface (usually white, but is sometimes found in black, for use as menu or restaurant boards with neon-type wet erase markers) for use with dry erase or wet erase non-permanent markings. Whiteboards are also referred to as dry erase boards, grease boards, marker boards, or erase boards. Whiteboards became popular in the mid-1990s and are now commonly found in schools, hospitals, conference rooms, business offices, and even homes (replacing widely used the chalkboard for teaching and training).

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