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List of Search Engines for Search Engine Optimization Tips

by Terry Drew (2019-07-31)

id="mod_18780916">Importance of Search Engines
Inputting keywords or URL addresses into search engines is how many people get the exact websites they are looking for. Many 'website creators' use the most popular search engines for submission of their newly created websites. As an 'online article writer' it is very important to do SEO 'search engine optimization,' this will help articles get more traffic. Submitting your sites is part of SEO. Any website can be submitted manually to each search engine, it will be time consuming. But it is well worth it, to submit your blogs, online articles, and other websites that you own to each search engine.

Once you copy and paste your website's URL into each search engine toolbar and submit it, you will notice a rise in traffic for your blogs, websites, and/or articles. Be sure to submit each URL only once a month, because it is considered spam if you submit URLs more than once.

You might not see your websites in the search engine results the first time you submit them. If you don't see your websites in search engine results, submit them any, and when you submit your sites each month, is when you will begin to notice your sites in the search engine result's list.

Search Engine Optimization Tips List of Search Engines for SEO


Most Popular Search Engines Search Engines I use as Much as Google -
A few of the search engines listed above may become your favorite search engines. A couple of search engines I use other than Google are Yahoo and Bing. Google and oogle Yahoo are the best organic searches and these two are the most popular search engines. By you submitting your websites manually, it will make it easier for visitors to come through the door without it being locked.

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