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Jewelry- Diamond jewelry

by Cora Clevenger (2019-07-31)

Diamond jewelry is very expensive. The hardness and shine of the diamond make it distinguish from other gem stone. Diamonds are such a highly traded product that numerous organizations have been created for grading and certifying them. These organizations emphasis is on carat, cut, color and clarity. The diamond was discovered in India t the first. Now India cuts and polish the 92% of world diamonds. The most common usage of diamonds nowadays is as gemstones used for decoration - a usage which past back into ancient times. The diffusion of white light into spectral colors is the main gemological feature of gem diamonds. In the twentieth century, gemologists have developed methods of grading diamonds and other gemstones based on the characteristics most important to their value as a gem. There are four distinctiveness known informally are the four Cs which include carat, cut, color, and clarity. 200 milligrams of diamond is defined as 1 carat.

1062There are many colors in the diamond but the finest quality of diamond is colorless. The colorless diamond is seemed to be very elegant. If you are going to buy diamond jewelry definitely colorless diamond will be attract you more. In reality we dont know much about the diamonds most of gem sized diamonds are imperfect. Different colors diamonds are more rare and valuable. Pink and blue diamonds are more expensive. Diamonds are available in many colors like yellow, pink, blue, brown, green, red. Diamonds with different and unique colors are labeled as fancy in diamond industry. Strong yellow color is popular as one of the fancy colors, and is different separate from the color grades of white diamonds. Gemologists have introduced rating systems for fancy diamonds, but there use is not in common because of the relative rarity of these diamonds. Diamond cutting is the art and science of creating a good quality diamond out of mined. The cut of a diamond describes the way in which a diamond has been shaped and polished from its start shape as a rough and uneven stone to its final jewel proportions.

Diamonds can be cut in to different shapes. The diamonds which have round shape cutting are known as fancy cuts. The popular fancy cuts such as princess cut, heart, marquise, baguette, briolette and photo batteries pear cuts. Now the cuts are also introduced in the diamond industry which includes cushion, radiant, and asscher cuts. The quality of diamond cut is most important .The diamond cut is very difficult. The diamond cut is carried out by only very professionals its an art. Cleaning has also big affect on diamonds beauty. A clean and clear diamond is more brilliant, elegant and fiery effect than the diamond which is dirty. There are many ways to clean the diamond. Many jewelers clean with ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners. The diamond is widely used in the rings. The diamond is more popular in engagement and wedding rings. The diamond is best, unique and precious gift for your loved one. The diamond lockets are also very popular.