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Need A Children’s Dentist in Doncaster? We’ve Got It Covered

by Carole Collado (2019-07-30)

Need A Children’s Dentist in Doncaster? We’ve Got It Covered
At Doncaster Dental Supreme we pride ourselves on exceptional patient care and that includes children’s dentistry. We recognise that kids aren’t just small adults and that they have different needs. For this reason, we’re experienced in dealing with all aspects of oral health for kids. From your child’s very first dental check-up through to the development and preservation of their permanent teeth, our experienced children’s dentist can help.

So why choose us?
If you’re seeking a ‘children’s dentist near me’ you’ll probably be looking for someone with:

• Experience in dealing with kids
• Someone with good communication skills who can encourage communication between the child, parent and dentist
• Someone with the skills to educate and
• Someone who is attuned to the needs of their young clients.

Let’s just say, we’ve got it covered!

Our practice has helped many children with their ongoing oral health and many of our youngest patients look forward to visits. By building upon positive and happy experiences we’ve become a ‘go to’ children’s dentist for families in the Doncaster, Templestowe, and Blackburn areas.

Children’s Dentistry – Treatment and Services
Here is a list of just some of the treatments and services we offer as your children’s dentist. They include:

• First dental visits for babies or toddlers
• Cleaning and fluoride application treatments
• Early orthodontic care
• Applying dental sealants for the protection of teeth
• Regular X-ray examinations
• Application of tooth coloured fillings
• Education on best practices for good oral hygiene

If you’re seeking a local kids dentist then you’ve come to the right place. With our experienced team at doncaster medicare Supreme Dental, you can rest assured that your child will be in safe and knowledgeable hands. We also accept Child Dental Benefits Schedule(CDBS) Medicare Card Bulk Billing for $1000 per child. Patients need to check with our receptionist or Medicare provider for eligibility so why not give us a call today and get total peace of mind for your family.