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by Jamison Hurst (2019-07-29)

Allow myself give you a theoretical high-pressure scenario.

You're the initial of a small, sole engine aircraft. You consider off, only, in this one engine airplane, and mind out over a sizable body of open up water. At about 800 feet above this drinking water, your one engine begins to sound funny (and not really in a "ha-ha" way), and you notice you're not really getting altitude at the rate you should end up being. At around 1200 foot above the drinking water, your solitary engine quits.

This is a high-pressure situation. What do you perform?

Fortunately for you, it's a hypothetical high-pressure situation. For me unfortunately, it was not hypothetical when it happened to me several years ago.

We do want to keep you in suspense, thus I'll just say that I survived. As do the plane. As the aircraft was dropping back to earth, I was capable to make a quick U-turn and, with just inches to extra, manage to land on the runway from which I experienced simply departed.

Therefore why did this high-pressure situation have a content stopping? Well, it emerged down to two elements - the same two elements that will help you survive your high-pressure circumstances as well.

Preparation... and focus.


We had been in situations that were similar to this before. During trip teaching, my trainer place me through a bunch (if not really hundreds) of simulated engine-out drills. Granted, these had been at a very much higher altitude (which means more time to recover), and sbobet they were just simulated, but I still knew the methods. Also, I had (coincidentally) lately started glider training, and had soloed already, therefore I was familiar with traveling by air with no engine. Again, not identical, but I still got a bit of an "I've been here before" feeling. And finally, because of some particular schooling I experienced done with an trainer just the week before, I understood what position of loan provider would give me the most convert for the least altitude reduction.

In additional words and phrases, I had prepared for a situation like this. When the difficulty began, the preparation kicked in. I understood what to perform because, once again, "I'd been right here before." Your takeaway: One - when you're in a high-pressure scenario, think back again to a period when you've successfully received through a comparable circumstance in the past. It will not possess to be similar, similar just. Help remind yourself, "I've been here before." And two - anticipate the high-pressure circumstances you're likely to face, and teach for them. Practice them when the pressure's off, and you'll be better equipped to deal with them when the pressure's on.


Because of my training primarily, when the pressure hit I went into sharp focus. Analyze the nagging problem, solve the nagging problem. Nothing at all external. No thoughts of, "Boy, if I wreck the plane - and was somehow capable to walk (or swim) apart - what are people heading to think of me? It'll become therefore embarrassing. And costly. And if I'm delayed (or worse), who's likely to give the doggie?" This is all simply noise, and in a high-pressure situation, you need to shut out the noise. Your takeaway: When you're in a high-pressure situation and you hear the "noise" starting to enter your mind, consult yourself, "What's the most crucial issue for me to focus on correct right now?"

You may hardly ever have to pilot a plane to an emergency landing, but you will face other high-pressure circumstances in your life - both personally and professionally. In these circumstances, your two best friends will be the same two that salvaged my bacon: preparation and focus.