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Internet Business Tip: 5 Secrets the Internet Gurus Don’t Want You to Know!

by Ken Falbo (2019-07-28)

Did you ever notice that every time the Internet Gurus come out with "The Best Course Ever – How to Make Millions", they are already in the process of writing their next course "The New Internet Revolution – Why Old Marketing Strategies Won’t Work"?Are they trying to fool you? Read on and find out….. Gurus know when their marketing secrets are about to start failing. Once they realize this, they start marketing a course on how these secrets made them millions.

tusuk macauSo, not only did they profit off their marketing secrets, they profit off of selling those secrets in the form of courses and seminars. It’s pretty genius! Now, while they are selling their old secrets, they are working on new marketing secrets that they will utilize and ride the wave on until they start failing. And, of course, once that starts happening, they will begin selling those new secrets in the form of courses and seminars.

It’s a vicious, but, genius circle! So… What are the 5 secrets every Guru follows to make quick millions! The 5 Secrets: 1. Create a "hot" product that will either be your business, or help your business. I know what you’re thinking. How am I going to create a product? That’s really easy. You either go to or and find a programmer that will design your product exactly to your specs. If you have no idea of a "new" product, you can have them create a product that already exists, but, has many different and addedfeatures.

This is what most of the gurus do. If your product is good enough, you can reap from the benefits of it yourself and then sell it later. 2. Create an automated systemThe easiest way to become rich and successful is to find a system that works and duplicate it. If all of your time is spent on your one business, you will have no time to create other successful businesses. So, the important thing to do is make sure that your entire system is automated.

How do you do this? Once your product is created and you have tested and used it, you will need to go to a packaging company that will take your product, package it, and ship out the orders for you. These companies normally charge very little, and, they do all the work for you. Now, every time you receive an order, Panduan Togel you just forward it to your processing company and they will handle all the hard work. You will probably want a simple 3 page website with the domain name that matches the name of your product.

You should be able to find a designer that will create the design, have a newsletter sign up form, have a Pay-Pal or Merchant Account, and will ship the information to your processing company. …… So, at this point you have paid for an original product, for a website/design and for a processing company…. If you played your cards right, everything after the 15th sale should be total profit.