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My Swollen Nazi Clit

by Cory Weindorfer (2019-06-16)

I awoke to find myself hanging from chains, my legs cruelly pulled wide apart and anchored to the floor. That bastard was twisting my nipples. They hurt. Now he is slapping them. I wish this would stop. He's putting his stinking hand rapefest between my legs. Why am I wet? He just twisted my clit. Stop!! I scream but no sound comes out, just a muffled "Mmmmppphh".

Now he's saying something about being sold for torture? I fight the chains, but they are too tight. They leave me hanging and fuck google finally walk away. They're coming back, this can't be good. I feel the chains loosen and they lower me to the ground. I am dragged over to another truck in the warehouse. I am tossed onto a net? I struggle, Bluegum Horse Cock but I am too worn out from the trip here to offer much of a fight. Soon they have my arms and legs anchored to the four corners. Now I am being lifted. WTF.

I feel his dirty hands sliding up my leg, opening my pussy. It feels like a dildo. I hope it is not the inflatable that caused me so much pain before. Now my ass is being plugged. What is he saying about electricity? He's pulling on my tits. He is showing me alligator clips with chains. I can only guess where they are going. OW! They are really strong. I squirm away, but it does no good. He gets the other tit. I saw three. I start moving in earnest. His partner grabs my legs and I feel my clit being pulled. Aaahhh!! That one is killing me.

He stands back, and then pushes down on my ass. The chains touch the floor. Sparks fly up the chains traveling through my tits and clit to exit through the dildos. I jump at the pain. The more I move, the more the chains bounce to the floor. I finally try to stop moving and the shocks end.

The doors close. I hear the cab door open. The engine roars to life. Moving now. I must hold still. The chains end an inch or so above the floor. Just lie still. The truck crosses some tracks which send me bouncing. Zap to my left tit. I arch my back. This forces my stomach down and my clit takes a jolt. I scream. The gag kills the sound.

The road has been smooth, probably paved. I can hear a difference now. Sounds like gravel. OW. The truck must have hit a pothole. Aaahh! I think this bastard is aiming for them. Three, fuck google four, five. My body is a constant fire. I am drenched in sweat which makes the current jump all over my body.

I feel the truck slowing down. It comes to a stop. A few moments later the doors open. My gag is removed. He is offering me water. Probably drugged. I am so thirty I drink it anyway. Two bottles. He grabs rape my ass right breast and removes the alligator clip. Blood rushed back in, causing great pain. He has taken off the other one. I am writhing now and my clit takes several jolts before I can stop moving. Now the clit clip. I twist and turn knowing that I cannot be zapped. Ouch! The bastard has snapped one back on my nipple, on a different spot. The pain starts again. He pulls my other nip and fastens the clip. Those alligator clips are harder than any I have used in the past. I know what's next but can do nothing about it. Must hold still.

I am offered a third bottle. I drink it down, not knowing when I might get another chance. The doors close behind him. I am in the dark once more. The cab door opens but we are not moving. I see light coming in from behind. Me. I hope they get a good look.

It did not take long for nature to take its course. The urge to pee was overwhelming. I hoped I could spray them through the panel. I let loose. INTENSE PAIN shot through me, all the way to my bladder. My tits and all of my openings were getting zapped at the same time. I could not stop moving. Finally I passed out.

I awoke to severe pain in my clit. I drifted in and out of consciousness until we finally stopped.