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by Eduardo Castella (2019-06-15)

outdoors_jewelry_display_2-1000x667.jpgSimilarly, among patients reporting prior loperamide use with adequate symptom control, a significantly greater proportion of patients treated with eluxadoline 100 were responders compared with those treated with placebo (41.8 (P vs. 25.0 there was a greater proportion of patients treated with eluxadoline 75 who were responders compared with the placebo group among this subgroup, although this did not reach statistical significance. A similar pattern in composite responder rates was seen for weeks 1 (Figure 1b).

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Kaitlyn Tisdale, Indiana Room Archivist, will be presenting the program on Floyd County's participation in the Indiana Bicentennial Celebration. In addition, World War II veteran, Robert Oakes, will be in attendance as he will be donating a letter to the Floyd County Historical Society. The letter was written by Sherman Minton on his official letterhead stationery when he was Supreme Court Justice of Indiana.

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