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by Toby Buie (2019-06-15)

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Last year in an interview, CEO Sally Smith estimated that the company would sell 6 million chicken wings on February 6th, 2011, Super Bowl Sunday. The company has realized how important the NFL audience is to it as it even launched a "Save Our Season" campaign on Facebook encouraging fans to like the page in exchange for six free wings if a deal was reached by July 20th. It appears that fans came up just short of the free wings, but the announcement of the season being saved came just in time for the company..

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"The racing bad luck will eventually find you," said Truex. "We got taken out in both Sonoma and Daytona, and last week in Kentucky, we had a strong first half of the race then hit some debris that caused damage to the right front. From that point on we were aerodynamically handicapped.

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