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by Janna Hammett (2019-06-15)

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"Forgive yourself and move on when you have an off meal, and off day or an off week. If you're walking down a set of stairs and you slip on a stair, you get up and continue your walk down. You would never get up and then throw yourself down the rest of the stairs." Erika Brazell, New Jersey, Territory 1116.

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The schedule is very tight. To noon, followed by a press conference, then lunch at 12:45. And a schedule packed with charity events and appearances, this California trip isn exactly a vacation. "Our team performed well considering the circumstances," Chattanooga FC coach Bill Elliott said. "I was talking to a couple of Atlanta players after the game, and they had no idea that we hadn been training for this and that we only had one training session. They were shocked and could not believe we were this good, so I think our guys put in a good performance that they can be proud of.".

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