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by Dian Gagnon (2019-06-15)

Of all the religions I've studied, the mystic traditions speak to me as being the most relevant to the yearning for meaning in our time. Mysticism proposes a direct connection between us and the force(s) that rule our lives. There is no middleman, doctrine, dogma, or ritual as a prerequisite.

outdoors_jewelry_display-1000x667.jpgThe officers kept repeating that since the volunteers weren't wearing proper safety equipment, they'd need to vacate the area. Those warnings went unheeded or were met with videotaped rebukes. No officially dressed responders had yet arrived.. As it was and especially after the object of her nocturnal visit to Mrs. Manson Mingott had become known her cynicism was held to exceed his; and she had not the excuse nor her detractors the satisfaction of pleading that she was "a foreigner." It was some comfort (to those whose securities were not in jeopardy) to be able to remind themselves that Beaufort WAS; but, after all, if a Dallas of South Carolina took his view of the case, and glibly talked of his soon being "on his feet again," the argument lost its edge, and there was nothing to do but to accept this awful evidence of the indissolubility of marriage. Society must manage to get on without the Beauforts, and there was an end of it except indeed for such hapless victims of the disaster as Medora Manson, the poor old Miss Lannings, and certain other misguided ladies of good family who, if only they had listened to Mr.

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