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by Charla Sweeney (2019-06-15)

A: Absolutely. I first got cast on a Friday, in August 2012. They told me on the spot I got the job, and I said "When do I start?" and they told me I started on Monday. Stick, himself, is an obvious quota selection. He was the backline coach of the porous Southern Kings for a season before his employment as backline coach of the Springboks. The Kings, let me remind you, are the worst Super Rugby side in the competition, and by some distance.

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First I was skeptical about [playing with Antonella] she said. Was the first time that we have been on a team together. But she really hustles, she right on it, and she makes great passes. Write a formal complaint. The next step is to file a formal complaint through snail mail. When you write your formal complaint, make sure that you make it short but provide complete details.

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