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by Ahmed Bertles (2019-06-15)

page1-93px-CREC-2000-09-18.pdf.jpgStrange. But true. And long overdue. During the lighter hours, the University habitues finds solace at the bar, quaffing vodka drinks from the plastic bottles preferred by hardcore drinkers on the go. At this bar, untouched by the hand of time since it opened in the '60s, they serve your average run of the mill crazy strong cocktails that drinkers who get around have come to expect from Nordeast Minneapolis, but that's not what they're known for. Jaros' is about two drinks: the Greenie and the Pinky.

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For creative clothing, she combined a denim jacket, eyelet top and sheer navy and white polka dot skirt to make a one of a kind outfit.Cloverbud 4 H Members and participants in the 4 H Summer Program showed decorated t shirts they made at a workshop earlier in July. Cloverbuds participating were Raelynn Carlock, Wiley Eicher, Avarie Gutierrez, Eli Kalous, Payton Malone, Karrie Mellott, Ethan O'Patik, Makayla O'Patik, and Owen Steffen. 4 H Summer participants also modeling their t shirts were Aaliyah Escalera and Scarlett Kalkman.Emcees were Gertie Chapin of Weldona and Cindy Powers of Fort Morgan.

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